In today’s economy saving the cost of business operations is crucial to company growths. So Computeronrent is a  trusted IT equipment rental service partner that improve costs saving and efficiency of your business. Our high performance IT equipments empower your business and increase your competitive advantage by using better technology

Being a most trusted IT rental Company in India we offer the best selection of the latest hardware of the most respected brands with competitive rates. The range of products available computer on rent, laptop on rent, Macbook on rent and servers, network devices, printer etc.

We offer cost-effective IT equipment rental services prepared by your company for the next stage of growth as you save your valuable time and money on IT support. Computeronrent take care of all your IT technological requirements and have a team of Technicians who can support your network 24 X 7

Pconrental’s rental and leasing options fulfil your short-term demands and meet immediate needs for IT technology with a limited budget. Our efficient IT equipment is subject to rigorous testing and high standards which include products from Apple other leading manufacturers. We are the best choice for things like hiring servers for short term project or if you are hosting an event or trade shows.

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